Environmental gas wireless sensor with LoRa technology
  • iSens
  • Plaseqta

The iSens can use a wide range of sensor types to achieve a wide variety of configurations, allowing
transmit the measured gas reading to the GasVisor central for a fast and accurate measurement of all types of gases. Between these
sensors, we can choose Electrochemicals for oxygen and toxic gases, catalytic and infrared for flammable gases, infrared
for CO2 and PID for Volatile Organic Compounds.

The iSens comes prepared to be easily installed, only needing its placement at the measurement point for the
electrochemical sensors as they have an internal battery for continuous use for two years. For PID, IR or catalytic sensors
only a 110-220 VAC plug will be needed. An iSenso network can be connected to a GasVisor LoRa Central,
that will monitor the status of each of the detectors to indicate alarm conditions and sensor status, with a wide
variety of controls, prompts and options. Sensors can also be monitored using SensoGuard software

The transmission distance reaches up to 7 km. LoS (Line of Sight). In urban or industrial environments this distance will be reduced
notably depending on the obstacles between the emitter and the receiver. A distance of 1 km is highly
likely in common environments. In case of signal loss or low battery, the control panel detects the incident and puts the user on

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Key characteristics

• Easy installation

• Wireless communication

• 2 years autonomy

• Multiple sensors available

• Adjustment via keyboard

• Addressable

• Plug and Play

• One-person calibration

• Optional external power supply

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