Single gas detector for exotic gases
  • UNI
  • UNI-0
  • Calicase
The MP100 toxic gas detector is a fully maintainable device for personal protection when working in areas with hazardous gases.
One of the few fully maintainable devices in the market.
Easy to use. A large LCD screen showing easy-to-read gas concentrations and status indicators. This device with access code allows quick access to functions.
Electrochemical sensors The MP100 single gas detector has a wide range of electrochemical sensors available.
Reliable performance This handheld gas detection device provides powerful audio, visual and vibration alarms.
ATEX Zone 0 Certificate with IS & IP 67

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Key characteristics

  • Not a 2 year disposable model; both sensor and battery can be replaced whenever needed
  • Backlight display
  • Wide LCD display which shows the gas concentration alarm set points, TWA and TLV levels
  • Very small and ergonomic design
  • 'Hands-free' usage - Easy to mount to helmet, belt, pocket, etc
  • Very sturdy, designed with a shockproof elastomer box with IP67 protection
  • Highest reliability; with a strong visual, audio and vibration alarm
  • Eleven sensor options available for a large variety of factories and working places

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