Colorimetric Tubes

Colorimetric Gas detection tubes
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Thin Tubes
When measuring concentrations of specific compounds, nothing quite beats the colorimetric tube for simplicity, flexibility and specificity.
The Uniphos air-sampling pump is a one-stroke pump with built-in tip breaker and shard reservoir. This ensures safe and clean working and guarantees a reliable analysis.
Uniphos offers tubes for most compounds, often in multiple measurement ranges. Most tubes have a shelf life of up to 2 years.
Uniphos tubes and pumps are compatible with RAE Systems LP-1200 / Sensidyne™ / Gastec™ GV/100, 800 and Kitagawa™ 8014-400A pumps. The tubes of these manufacturers are compatible with the Uniphos sampling pump as well.

Thick Tubes:
Complementary to thin tubes, we have also available MSA/KWIK-DRAW thicker tubes, compatible with DRÄGER sampling pumps. These tubes extend the range of gases and measurable ranges available.

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Key characteristics

  • One-stroke hand pump
  • Light, rugged and Handy
  • Reproducible stroke
  • Low maintenance
  • 5 moving parts
  • 50 or 100cc pump volume
  • 5 year warranty
  • Available for NH3, H2S, SO2, Cl2, PH3, HCl, HCN, CO, CO2, O2, C6H6, alcohols, amines, mercaptans and many other gases and vapours.

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