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Monogas detector O2, H2S, CO ClipSens

The ClipSens is a single gas monitor for oxygen, Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen Sulfide. Low weight and small size, it has a clip for the fastening in the flap or helmet. The three kinds of alarms, acoustic, vibration and flashing, facilitate the warning in case of any alarm situation. Includes datalogging to store last 30 events, easily downloadable through the SENSOTRAN IR Link or also with the Docking Station. The station also performs this process automatically every time the equipment is verified, being stored in a USB memory that can be connected to a PC or the data can be downloaded using the SENSOTRAN IR Link.
You can check the equipment one by one or, with the Docking Station, verify 4 units simultaneously, up to 12 devices per minute, reducing the time and cost of the gas.
In addition, you can hibernate your equipment to increase the time of use up to 36 months.


Disposable. Hibernable
Lightweight and compact
Store up to 30 events
Without maintenance.
2 years continuous use.
Rubber housing
Configurable by SENSOTRAN IR Link
Quick adjustment with the Calibration Station.
Visual, audible and vibration alarm .
Optional Test and Adjustment Station, verifying 4 devices simultaneously.
The lowest verification cost.


  • Chemical plants
  • Food industry
  • Oil fields
  • Refineries
  • Basement badly ventilate
  • Industrial safety
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Service galeries
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Water Treatment Plants

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