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Control Unit and gas alarm filled with NFC™ SESNOTOX C2

The Sensotox C2 can use a wide range of sensor types for a variety of configurations, allowing the gas reading to be shown on its display and alarm and signalling relays to be activated. Available sensors include electrochemical ones for oxygen and toxic gases, catalytic and infrared ones for flammable gases, infrared ones for CO2 and PID for Volatile Organic Compounds.
It also has a 4-20 mA analogue output for connection to external systems as well as a ModBus digital output to enable connection of multiple control panels on a single loop. The status LEDs also indicate correct operation, if any of the alarm relays is activated.
The Sensotox C2 comes ready to be easily installed, needing only a 110-220 V AC outlet or a 12-24 V DC supply. The network of sensors in ModBus may be connected to a GasVisor32 panel which will monitor the status of each detector to indicate alarm and sensor status conditions, with a wide variety of controls, indications and options. It also allows the connection of up to 8 Sensotox C2 units to a GasVisor6 panel via a 4-20 mA analogue output.
Additionally, it has a data storage system with capacity for of 8000 events, to log any alarm event. It can also store up to 5 days of readings at one-minute intervals. This data will be downloaded directly to a PC via RS485, however the last 3 events will be downloaded to a phone with NFC™ technology using the SMARTGAS application.


• Easy installation.
• 110-220 V AC supply
• Multiple sensors available
• Flexible output options
• 3 alarm levels
• Adjustment by keypad
• Addressable or independent
• RS485 or RS232 communication by means of adapter
• 4-20 mA analogue output
• Plug and Play
• Calibration by a single person
• Two alarm relays plus fault relay
• Datalogging
• NFC™


  • Inert gases storage rooms
  • Basement badly ventilate
  • Greenhouse
  • Laboratory
  • Service galeries
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Wine cellar