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Wireless control unit up to 32 chanels GASVISOR 32

The GasVisor 32 is a standalone, self container control system for the detection of Toxic, Oxygen, VOC and Explosive hazards. The control system is fully configurable between 1 and 32 channels. Different transmitters with 4 to 20 mA signals can be mixed with output alarm signal devices. With the SenLink any 4 to 20 mA signal will be converted to RS-485 and wireless or wired transmitted to the control system. Developed with the latest innovations, the system is fully upgradeable with the possibility to connect new devices and more control panels on an existing system at anytime


The GasVisor 32 control panel has the capacity to control up to 32 devices, including gas sensor 4 to 20 mA transmitter for oxygen, toxic and flammable gases, and Volatile Organic Compounds; but can also control external alarm signal devices as electro valves, optical and acoustical signals, etc. Those transmitters can be RS-485 connected or with the optional 869 MHz modem can be wireless linked.

It also provides 3 alarm relays for three common alarm levels and a fault relay, and optionally can have an additional 12 relay board that enable to program every relay individually. All relay is NO/NC and is fully configurable and be set as rising or falling, latching or non latching. Alarm relays are acknowledged via the DMI pushbutton located on the front panel of the instrument housing.

Configuration is done with the easy DMI (Device Menu Interface) button function or via Laptop PC. The Senfig software allows quick and easy set-up. The DMI button allows user to intuitive configuration of the system without previous knowledge. With the Senview software system with multiple control panels can be configured, providing visibility, alarms and logging up to 32 control panels.


  • Chemical plants
  • Food industry
  • Oil fields
  • Power generation plants
  • Refineries
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Consultant Engineering
  • Gas Industries
  • Gas Stations
  • Industrial Refrigeration and Cold Storage
  • Industrial safety
  • Laboratory
  • Nuclear Reactors
  • PVC Plastics Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Waste water treatment plants

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