Exceptional situation Covid-19


We want to share with you some lines of action:

In general, in our activity the general interest of citizens, the safety of our workers and the interests of our customers and suppliers will always prevail, which we will try to serve with the least possible disruption, despite the difficulties and the extraordinary situation and force majeure before us.

Our entire sales and technical service continues working as ususall, except outside meetings ans service maintenances that has been reduced to those that are strictly essential to preserve the security of both parties. We are always available in case of questions or doubts.

We have implemented teleworking for the administrative, commercial, financial and management departments to continue serving you with as much ease as possible.

Procedure for receipt / delivery of shipments. Given the special sensitivity on the issue of deliveries and to avoid risky situations with our workers and consignees and maximize protection while the state of alarm lasts:

  • It will be necessary to contact SENSOTRAN to confirm the shipment of matetrial and the schedule of receipt of goods.
  • SENSOTRAN will not make any shipment that has not been confirmed by the customer / supplier of its availability to receive.
  • To minimize contact and movement of people, all shipments and receptions of goods will be concentrated on the following days and hours: MONDAY to FRIDAY from 8:00 to 14:00 hours.

We are aware that we are at an exceptional moment and, therefore, we are also taking exceptional measures. We trust that they allow us to ensure the service while maintaining the safety and health of all those involved in the process.

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