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SENSOTRAN wide range of dependable controllers, transmitters, fixed systems and gas sensors are designed to monitor and detect hazardous gases, toxic and combustible, as well as oxygen deficiency for personal safety, environmental protection and process controls.


By constant innovation we will be able to create new products and services to cover our costumer's needs, designing, manufacturing and supplying the instruments with the highest standards of quality and also with the most competitive price to achieve our obsession: YOUR SAFETY. This will make us the market leader in the field of instrumentation for concentration gas monitoring and analysis.


The main values of the company are the honesty, cordiality in our relationships, dynamism, integrity, the no discrimination from sex, race or religion, the continuous spirit of improvement and innovation; everything to have a proximity with the customers to help them to resolve the questions brought up at the same time to get an environment of pleasant work for all our staff.