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From its beginning, one of the lines of performance has gone focused to the continuous development and innovation of products, at internal level as well as with external collaborations, other companies as well as of Official Centers of Research and Research Universities.

Some of the projects we have had finished:

  • Development of a new explosion proof transmitter for flammable gases with digital display and remote infrared hand-held programmer codified for calibration and tests. This project received a grant of the Ministerio de Industria y Energia, in the frame of the program ATYCA.
  • Research and development of single point O2 gas detection, with attached or remote sensor for great consumption.

Currently we are working on two main lines of research and development:

  • European project "Nano2Hybrids" as partner, together with six universities and European centres of research, for the development of a specific sensor for the selective detection of low parts per billion of aromatics hydrocarbons, which has a Community financial contribution in the form of a grant to the budget. This project is integrated and strength on the European Research Area of the European Union FP6 (Sixth Framework Program). This project started on October 2006 and its duration shall be 36 month. For more information visit www.nano2hybrids.net
  • GASVISOR Project: development of a new gas detection control panel for six up to thirty two channels using the most advanced technology available. The first phase of the project was finished with the commercialization of model GASVISOR 6, on the third quarter of 2007. The second phase for developing the wireless option to avoid all wire installation on the thirty two channel control unit, was ended with the presentation on October at Expoquimia 2008 of the new control unit GASVISOR 32. This system includes the most modern wireless communication technology between devices and control unit.